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All of our Vedic Astrology Services are available Internationally.

Vedic Astrology Consultation

Find out how the planets, their cycles and transits can influence your life and also some karmic patterns that can create some health problems, life issues, planetary transits, birth star and more, and how to overcome them.

Here you will get valuable information regarding your Birth Star (Nakshatra), Birth Sign (Rashi), Planetary Periods (Mahadashas) and any important Transits (Gocharas) you are running and how to avoid issues in them, as also specific health-related combinations and remedies for all such issues, whether health, career, personal, business or relationship etc. related.

Here, we bring in Ayurveda and Yoga techniques and spiritual practices that can help with at a deeper spiritual (karmic) level, and help to work out karma behind diseases, as also get an indication of our deeper patterns in life.

It is recommended that two-monthly or six-monthly follow-up consultations ($95.00 each) along with this be booked, so that one can be kept up to date relative to planetary transits and influences, as also practices one is doing to rectify issues.

Birth place, time and date are required for this consultation.

Available over Skype also.

Price: NZ $275.00
(Initial Consultation and Recommendations)
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Basic Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Health Reading

Duration: 20 – 30 mins.

We just need your D.O.B, Location at birth (City, State and Country) as well as Time of Birth.

This consultation can be done via Skype anywhere in the world, or in person. Durgadas looks at your charts and gives recommendations as per these.

This consultation will provide a karmic insight into your disease conditions, based on your natal chart and some recommendations to avoid possible health issues and overcome current ones, based upon one’s past life-issues and chart energetics.

(Initial Consultation and Recommendations)
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Ayurvedic Gemstone Consultation

An excellent way to find out which Gemstone is best for you and your type, according to Hindu Astrology, and also recommendations as per health etc.

Here you will also find out your nakshatra (lunar constellation) and rasi (star sign) according to Vedic Astrology as well as useful information relating to your gemstone, as not everyone can or should wear the same gemstones, nor even use generic mantras, which may actually cause harm to them, relative to karmic significators (planetary influences).

NZ $85.00
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Gemstone Purificatory and
Planetary Empowerment Ritual

A must in order for your gemstone to be powerful. Once you bring it in to us, it may be up to a week, and we will do special rituals for purifying your gemstone and empowering it with sacred Vedic mantras, relative to the Deity it corresponds to. We will then advise you a suitable time to wear it for the first time, for the most harmonious spiritual benefits.

NZ $90.00
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Planetary Appeasement Rituals

These rituals involve a pooja (offering) or Homa (fire sacrifice) that is done in your name to appease malefic planets in your chart after initial consultations, and also in addition, you shall receive sacred ash (vibhuti) also. After the initial Consultation, we will determine which planets and deities or energies need to be strengthened or appeased, and associated performances, and advise accordingly.

These rituals also invoke the Shaktis or Goddesses that also correspond to and govern the energies of planets, and can help in job promotions, education, health, marriage issues and such by appeasing them and invoking their blessings.

Special Vedic and Tantric mantras are used here by Durgadas, who comes from a Vedic lineage from Northern India himself, spanning thousands of years. We also recommend certain performances and activities you must also adhere to in order to maximise the protentials of the planetary and Goddess blessings.

This service is open to all people, of all walks of life and castes, and one need not be a Hindu to have these rituals done, as many think!

Price: NZ $150.00
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Vedic Astrology Prashna Reading

Prashna readings are done with a chart of the moment the question is asked to the Astrologer. They can also be useful to determine certain events and questions at a given time. Other times they are determined from when the client makes an appointment.

Our Prashna readings are also done with insight, not just the basic chart itself, connecting to higher planetary energies and forces for more insight.

Price NZ $120.00
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