I found Durgadas after going through multiple holistic and Ayurvedic doctors. I’m not even sure where to begin. After years of experimenting with diets, lifestyles, herbs, and a whole bunch of random vitamins/fads, my body and mind were pretty much burnt out. My memory was terrible, physically I had very little energy, and I felt like a sack of poo, to be frank.

Durgadas’s consultation about 8 months ago was the most pivotal point in my health journey. He put me back on a diet that suited my genetics, the season, the state of my health, and other factors. Not only did he give me an incredible regimen that’s even still improving my health, but he worked with me constantly to answer my nonstop questions and help me to establish this new way of living.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that my health is truly my responsibility. Durgadas helped me immensely, but at the end of the day I have to hold myself accountable and stay consistent.

Another important thing I learned is that his regimen is not some short term, 30 day cleanse or quick fix. It’s a total change of your lifestyle habits, and learning to work with your body in the way that is the most effective for your unique situation. For the long term.

Durga I appreciate your work and care of my health more than you know. Can’t wait to continue and see the positive changes. I’d suggest Durgadas for anyone who’s serious about changing their lifestyle, and is ready to take personal responsibility for their health.

As***, USA

It was very clear upon first meeting Durgadas, that here in Christchurch we are lucky to have an Ayurvedic practitioner of great depth, experience and authenticity. His knowledge is impressive (to say the least) and I feel I have only scratched the surface in our conversations regarding the ancient sciences of India. I look forward to my next consult with him.

A*****, Christchurch


I have had an interest in Ayurvedic Medicine for a number of years. Upon finding out that what I thought was “usual wear and tear” (from the conventional allopathic school) had turned into Osteoarthritis in both hips. Given painkillers and anti-inflams to bear it!

Until the pain affects work & sleep & eventually further down the long line, hip replacement! I looked into other solutions and found with Arogya Ayurvedic Health; [Durgadas] Rodney’s explanation of the problem understandable (in relation to suited food for me, digestion along with mental and emotional well-being).

The result of no hip replacement to date & more flexibility in movement & less pain. Many thanks. Slainte.

-B****, Motueka, NZ

Durgadas has fantastic knowledge about Ayurveda and the Vedic life style and I would recommend anyone wanting a change for better health and happiness to have a chat with him.

Kindest Regards

S******, Rotorua

Since I have started following the Ayurvedic lifestyle, my health has improved dramatically. I no longer have life threatening health issues. I feel energetic and strong and feel motivated to improve my health.

My mental state has also improved as I am having more clarity and vision about my life in general. I stay positive and don’t get frustrated so often. My anxiety level have also decreased and I am getting more sleep than before.

I have found the consultation very useful as it has given a new direction to my health in general and has enhanced my overall well being.

I am happy to recommend your services to others.

I have been spreading the word to others on a daily basis. 

-H*******, Christchurch

Durgadas Ji never rushes you, and is thorough in his approach. He offers practical advice and wisdom that you can use in your day-to-day hectic life. Most important of all, he has decades of experience and a great depth of knowledge. He was classically trained as a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner, for which he put in years of study.

It gives me a great peace of mind after having discussed and understood the issues and with the right treatment and support, I am pretty sure I will be able to lead a normal life again.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Durgadas Ji’s knowledge about Ayurveda, Vedic literature and Astrology as well.

I would certainly recommend Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd’s services to others.

-K****, Germany

[Durgadas] Rodney consistently astounds me with his knowledge base, intellect, compassion and down to earth way of explaining more complex teachings in layman terms

There is still plenty of refinement to do but I am confident that with self discipline and [Durgadas] Rodney in my corner I will reach my desired state and goals.

[Durgadas] Rodney has contributed hugely to getting me back on track in all facets of mind and body through a combination of life coaching, lifestyle refinement and remedies helping re balance me significantly.

R****, Christchurch. NZ

Durgadas offers practical and sound advice. He has a profound

understanding of ayurveda and in his teachings my knowledge of
ayurveda has increased enormously.


– J***, Christchurch, NZ

I am glad to have come across someone like you who possesses immense vedic knowledge.

What you explained to me about various things makes absolute sense to me. for instance you mentioned bija mantras’s effects more on physical level  which I have experienced.

I am sure I can benefit from you advises provided I follow them on daily basis as you suggested.

M****, UK

Thank you for an outstanding professional and holistic service. Highly recommend

L****, Christchurch, NZ

80%+ better. Recommended to all.

-N***, Christchurch, NZ

You certainly opened my eyes to more of what is required to balance my doshas and regain and claim back my health. I’m calmly excited about Ayurveda!

-J***, Nelson, NZ

Thank you for your practise. Thank you for your balancing of many catastrophes and many blessings in such a way as to express that which hurting souls need to brush up against to feel renewed, healed and whole, holy, the two are one with you.


-K****, Christchurch, NZ

The definitive resource for Ayurvedic education and valid clinical Ayurveda in the modern world. There is no one alive today who holds as much knowledge and clinical acumen as Ved Kovid Durgadas! I highly recommend his works and Arogya Ayurvedic Health for all individuals seeking solace and healing! A true beacon of light in the Kali Yuga!

-C****, USA

An excellent service with a proficient Ayruvedic doctor, he has helped greatly with my battle with Fibromyalgia, immensely grateful , regards

-M****, Christchurch, NZ

Thank you so much Durgadas. Now I have an idea how I can go on with my health and mind. Great, that I know you and I know where to go to get a professional advise. God bless you!

-C******, Germany

I have found the drops excellent…thank you
-J***, Dunedin, NZ



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