RESET your Digestion!

Resetting your digestion means re-setting your biological rhythms also, which ancient systems as Ayurveda see as the root-cause of many diseases, not merely gastrointestinal!  In our unique program, you can Reset Your Digestive Patterns and learn the following: STRENGTHEN your metabolism and help eliminate issues such as gas, distention, bloating, heaviness, IBS and other conditions  BOOST…

The Problematic Dosha-Quizzes

No one person can be stereotyped into a dosha per se. A dosha means a blemish or vitiation itself, so it’s often what can be a natural tendency within a person, whereas the vikriti or disease outside of this is a deviation from the norm.

Āyurveda and Weight Loss

Ayurveda and Weight-Loss in Christchurch. Learn about holistic methods for wellness and weight-loss in Christchurch