Home Cleanse and Rejuvenation Toolbox

LOCKDOWN OFFER:Home Cleanse and Rejuvenation Toolbox through our Contactless Online Consultation -Learn to Cleanse and Rejuvenate yourself at home –Boost your Immune System -Reset your Digestion and Rejuvenate your Mind Receive simple, yet effective time-tested wellness tips for Sinus, Respiratory, Digestive and Mental Care amidst COVID-19 All natural herbs/wellness formulas and your Tailored Cleanse and…

Why Ayurveda – Nature’s Healing System?

Why should I try Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the world’s oldest natural-healing system – time-tested across India, China, Korea, Japan, SE-Asia and also influencing founders of western medical systems as Hippocrates and later Arab physicians taking this science into Europe in the Middle-Ages, with the revival of surgery and humoric medicine It promotes models of biological…

Ayurvedic Massages – Good or Bad?

Ayurveda has long considered the uses of massage, often as a daily palliative treatment, but performed with specific oils after a complete Ayurvedic examination by a trained professional to examine all facets of psychology, disorders, constitutional issues and others. Here, panaceas are often not the best, nor Ayurvedic per se! Many forms of Ayurvedic massage today can…

Ayurvedic Karmic Evaluation Assessment

Our Ayurvedic Karmic Evaluation Assessment looks at these from a deeper perspective of the past incarnations, calculated from one’s time of birth and other facets such as physical features and signs correlated with these.

The Problematic Dosha-Quizzes

No one person can be stereotyped into a dosha per se. A dosha means a blemish or vitiation itself, so it’s often what can be a natural tendency within a person, whereas the vikriti or disease outside of this is a deviation from the norm.