Ayurvedic Karmic Evaluation Assessment

Our Ayurvedic Karmic Evaluation Assessment looks at these from a deeper perspective of the past incarnations, calculated from one’s time of birth and other facets such as physical features and signs correlated with these.

The Problematic Dosha-Quizzes

No one person can be stereotyped into a dosha per se. A dosha means a blemish or vitiation itself, so it’s often what can be a natural tendency within a person, whereas the vikriti or disease outside of this is a deviation from the norm.

Yoga Therapy for Health and Healing

Learn how Integral Yoga Therapy can help you! Yoga is often a confusing term seen by many people as something for gymnasts alone – however, few realise that it is an ancient system of health-maintenance to: (a) maintain health through living in harmony with nature and our own natural biology (b) maintain health and prevent…

Learn Meditation as the Ancient Yogi Masters did!

Learn Meditation as the Ancient Yogi Masters did! A physician was once using the same technique to treat diabetes as he did heart-disease. It was a failure! Sadly, this is what modern meditation classes teach and employ, as a ‘one size fits all’ panacea approach. Traditional meditation is about you and your unique psychology, karma…