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Classically, Ayurveda has aimed at wellness and looked at many disorders that correlate to modern ailments such as Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Dermatological issues, Fibromyalgia, Gynecological Issues, Hair Loss, Insomnia, IBS and  Parkinson’s Disease to name a few – and has given various recommendations relative to our body’s potential to improve our wellness through preventative measures as working with seasonal changes, yoga, diet – and the herbal gifts of nature!

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation:

Time: 1 – 1.5 hours

Whether you have diseases, are practising Yoga, or have general health and lifestyle concerns, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, either in person or Online, can help you with these issues.

Tongue, pulse, eye and other examinations are conducted in these consultations and taking a full history of your issues. Follow-up consultations will assess the deeper issues and psychology, however, though these will be examined in the initial consultation as per classical Ayurveda.

One will also receive our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guide (E-Book or Physical, depending on availability) by Durgadas with specifics about Ayurveda relative to seasonal routines, daily routines, dietary and lifestyle advice, yoga, astrology, food combinations and much more!

Here, you will learn what your biological type (Prakriti) is and how to manage it effectively through dietary, lifestyle and herbal regimes, as well as working with seasonal changes and the effects of various impressions upon your mind and rectifying these. It will also assess your psychology (manasika Prakriti), psychological issues (manasika Vikriti) and also state of disease (Vikriti) or diseases (rogas) you may have and addressing them through Ayurveda’s traditional wisdom of several thousands of years.

In this consultation, we can examine all aspects of your body, bodily tissues and psychology and health and provide necessary Diet, Lifestyle and Herbal advice and remedies as per traditional Ayurveda’s recommendations.

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Note this consultation with Durgadas is available over Skype for those outside Christchurch and NZ and can hence be conducted anywhere in the world.

NZ $120.00
(Can be purchased as a Gift Voucher)

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Purna Ayurveda Program:

Purna means “complete”, and this is a complete Ayurvedic Assessment detailing all aspects of your life and allows up to 1.5 hours to go over materials and assessments (astrological chart and remedial measures will be performed outside of this time, prior to date of consultation and will be explained by Durgadas during this time).

This helps show you what classical Ayurveda is really about and how it aims at educating people on possible measures to help improve themselves as per it’s ancient wisdom and related sciences it integrates, such as vedanta, yoga and vedic astrology.

Here you will receive:

-A complete Ayurvedic Assessment relative to your biology, diseases, examination etc.

-A complete Ayurvedic Psychological Assessment of your mind and psychic typology

-A Vedic Astrology report relative to your karmas

It covers Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Psychology and various karmic, herbal, dietary and other classical Indian recommendations based on traditional Ayurveda and you will be given yoga and spiritual guidelines etc. to help balance all aspects of your life – physical, emotional and material.

Here you will learn all about YOU in all aspects, as per Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom!

Note this consultation with Durgadas is available over Skype for those outside Christchurch and NZ and can hence be conducted anywhere in the world.

NZ $350.00

(Initial Assessments and Recommendations)

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Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation:

A wonderful way to find out some health tips and Yoga techniques suited to your biological Ayurvedic type, as well as lifestyle and dietary advice.

Here you will learn which asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), mantras, visualisations and other tools, as well as dietary and lifestyle regimes relative to Ayurveda and yoga suit you best. Originally, yoga was a tailored one to one system that suited the individual as per all of these, especially relative to mantras and spiritual discipline (sadhana), as also specifics with them.

Durgadas guides people, including advanced yoga teachers to mere novices through these ancient techniques so that one may have a proper yogic sequence that is best for their overall karmic concerns, mind and bodily constitutions as per classical Ayurveda.

Investment: NZ $120.00
(Initial Consultation and Examination)

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Vedic Astrology Consultation:

Find out how the planets, their cycles and transits can influence your life and also some karmic patterns that can create some health problems, life issues, planetary transits, birth star and more, and how to overcome them.

Vedic Astrology helps us understand how we have arrived at the current lifetime and where we are headed in the future, as per our past-life actions (karmas) and the subtle-impressions (samskaras) we have gained along the way. It reveals what careers or areas of our life we are best to focus our energies on in this lifetime and also what practices will help mitigate our karmas in all areas of life.

Karmic factors are behind diseases, including congenital and difficult disorders and as such, being their subtle cause, can help us understanding the root-causes of disease (even beyond genetics) and target and reduce these factors down.

Here you will get valuable information regarding your Birth Star (Nakshatra), Birth Sign (Rashi), planetary periods (Mahadashas) you are running and how to avoid issues in them, as also specific health-related combinations and remedies for all such issues, whether health, career, personal, business or relationship etc. related.

Investment: NZ $275.00
(Initial Consultation and Recommendations)

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Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation

See your mind through Ayurveda’s classical wisdom!

Ayurveda has a long history of studying the mind and psychological disorders, as also does Yoga. These systems assess not only genetic conditions, but also deeper karmic aspects behind them (for which case it brings in astrology) and various levels of the mind, mental metabolism and also how our biological constitution can affect these as also external factors. Here, Ayurveda looks at dietary, lifestyle and yogic therapies as breathing techniques and mantra, in addition to clinical therapies, herbs and specific herbal combinations for the mind and certain disorders as schizophrenia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger, alcoholism etc. that classical Ayurveda recommends.

Ayurveda sees genetic conditions as a result of such being passed on down in the genes as in allopathic medicine, however adds a reason why – our personal karma and actions we have done in past lives (or earlier in this life), which has caused us to be born with a more difficult condition to deal with than purely a result of lifestyle choices etc. (hence why congenital disorders are more difficult to treat). These can often require performing actions to nullify the negative actions or our past and reducing negative impressions that can fuel the condition (which is also recognised in western techniques).

Learn more about the deeper biological, dietary and also karmic reasons for your psychological condition and how to effectively begin to treat them with Ayurvedic formulas for various ailments, which sometimes include certain minerals and specific herbal formulas in addition to other methods. This consultation covers all aspects of your biology, any diseases or issues behind your current state as also your psychological profile and disorders, as also treatment, dietary, yogic, herbal and other therapies required to treat them according to traditional Ayurveda. Discover classical Ayurveda’s tools for reducing everyday stress and anxiety in your life through adapting your food habits and cooking, taking herbs, yogic methods and more!

Modern Yoga regimes are also more chiropractic and can often tend to cause psychological issues due to wrong poses for people, their conditions, bad diets (raw and vegan doesn’t suit everyone!), as also even the specific effects of mantra.

This consultation will assess your mind’s functioning, personality type as per Ayurveda, biology and also other causative factors that may be behind your psychological state (karmic-genetic and biological) and how to best deal with these, covering all levels from spiritual, dietary, herbal, colour therapy and other techniques.

Price: NZ $150.00 (incl. GST)

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Availability: Skype or In Person

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Consultation

Pregnancy is an important part of a woman’s life from conception to child-birth and there are many considerations to be taken into account.

Ayurveda considers the role of the actions, diet etc. of the mother important during pregnancy and hence follows various guidelines to ensure a healthy baby and also mother during your 9 months of pregnancy and some important tips, post-delivery as well!

Unlike the initial Ayurvedic examination, this consultation is aimed more at your Prakriti (biological constitution) and specific dietary issues relative to it, for you and the baby.

Hence, in this consultation, you will also learn aspects relative to your own biology as well as important guidelines for you and your baby during pregnancy, including important natural medications and techniques that form a part of traditional Ayurveda’s guidelines.

You will also learn about Ayurveda’s wisdom relative to benefits of various oils, massage and such that will help you along your journey to delivery!

Price: NZ $150.00 incl. GST

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Availability: Skype or In Person

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