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Note on Ayurveda Treatments

While we offer traditional Ayurvedic therapies, these are NOT done simply for non-therapeutic means as we are not a Spa!

After a full (Ayurvedic) medical examination, Durgadas will consult with you as to what specific therapies are recommended for you and then they can be conducted at our clinic, if necessary.

Today we see many “Ayur-Spa / Massage” therapies, but this is NOT what Ayurveda is about. Ayurveda is a complete medical system that deals with diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases, which must be performed by a training Registered Ayurvedic Professional, not simply a massage therapist or Spa technician in a general manner, which at best attempts to asses one’s Prakriti (biological constitution) in a superficial, not true Ayurvedic manner, which requires specific skill, training and Ayurvedic medical examination over a mere quiz or two!

Massages and other therapies can actually aggravate conditions if a complete examination of the person along with specific medications is not given and hence we avoid such. The common “Ayurvedic Spa” culture often causes more issues (long-term) than it cures and Ayurveda looks at the long-term not the short-term goal!

We have seen many examples of those who have gone for acupuncture, Ayurvedic massage therapies and such by simple ‘Ayurvedic Therapists’ (not Practitioners proper), who have aggravated diseases and issues and moved the doshas without seeking to eliminate them first.

While some Ayurvedic therapies are harmless, many can be harmful also if all considerations are not taken into account by the Practitioner.



We have special rates for our clients at this wonderful Traditional Ayurvedic Hospital in India. True Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies are specialised clinical and medical abrasive detoxification methods that are not simply the preliminary, palliative and Spa therapies being marketed today in the west, and in parts of India as “Panchakarma.

We can organise this for couples or groups, depending on your requirements, Internationally.

Do I need Panchakarma?

This is a very common question we get asked. Sadly, today’s New Age-style Ayurveda has designed a “Panchakarma for all“, which is usually just Spa Ayurveda techniques, passed off as detoxification.

Many Ayurvedic Practitioners are quick to recommend Panchakarma, both to line their own pockets, and also as they generally don’t have the deeper clinical training to understand the depth of Panchakarma traditionally, which requires several procedures, various medicines and also careful evaluation of patients in hospital settings, with several therapists and staff.

Traditionally, surgery (shalyatantra) and detoxification (shodhana), the latter of which is part of Panchakarma, the five actions of detoxing the body, were suited to select individuals, according to their diseases, stage of life and ability to undergo the treatment. Otherwise, these could cause harm to the person.

Before recommending Panchakarma regimes in India – for both cost-effectiveness, as also to utilise the greater number of therapists traditionally required and fresh medicines in greater quantity, we assess individuals for their suitability.

Sometimes simple shamana (palliative) methods, restorative diets and herbs are required alone. There is no hard and fast rule for Panchakarma for all, though it has its uses in various cases and always has to be tailoired to the individual and their diseases, not generic.

Why Panchakarma in India instead of locally?

We have chosen the beautiful land of Kerala in India, an ancient region associated withParashurama (The Land of the Rama with an axe), after the great Hindu hero, Parashurama, who founded the science of Martial Arts and son of the ancient Vedic Seer, Jamadagni.

Kerala has been a region of trade and spices for the past 5,000 years, trading with Egypt and later Greece, Rome and other nations, as well as also having a history dating back to 5500BCE with the ancient Edakkal Caves which have some of the world’s oldest writing marks.

In addition, the great Hindu monist Philosopher, Adi Shankaracharya was born in Kerala in 509BCE near Kochi, and the great astronomer Aryabhata was also from this region.

It is also home to the Ashtavaidya (Eight Doctor) system of Ayurveda, founded by the Ayurvedic Seer, Vagbhata in the 5th Century AD, who settled there from Sindh and merged his teachings with that of the already ancient local traditions of Ayurveda, and the TamilSiddha Vaidyas, descendants from the Vedic Seer Agastya.

It is thus a very ancient and rich tradition of Ayurveda – and one of the most traditional regions in India.

Traditional Panchakarma
 requires that the individual’s mind, body and senses are all relaxed and detached from all outside influences in order to receive and enjoy the full benefits of Panchakarmas, the Five Detoxification Therapies of Ayurveda.

Receiving them locally means we are still bound by our stressful lifestyles and temptations of bad habits. In the West, therapies are also very expensive due to accommodation, therapist not to mention costs of specific herbal formulas and oils traditionally used and required for Panchakarma.

As such, we have come up with a unique plan that allows people to receive the best Panchakarma Therapies and also be able to relax – without the added worries of it costing a small fortune!

We also have special rate packages with our affiliated Ayurvedic Hospital in India  (below) for our clients.

This allows allows our clients to experience Panchakarma and Ayurveda in a Traditional Manner in India, the Birthplace of Ayurveda and it’s many wonders it has to offer, including:

-Hassle-free Western-style accommodation featuring private room with attached bath, as 

-24hr WiFi facilities

-Local beaches and temples within walking distance
-Daily room cleaning

-Daily massage / Panchakarma therapies

-Three meals daily, including tea and mineral water

-Airport transfers to and from airport

so all you have to worry about are your flights and Visa requirements, which we will also assist you in, depending on your location you are flying from in NZ, Australia, Europe, USA etc.

Contact us for further details and pricing!



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