Āyurveda and Weight Loss

OECD statistics show that the top three nations suffering from obesity are the United States, Mexico and New Zealand – and many people are often unsure why they cannot lose weight, despite many dietary and exercise regimes.

Many people are unaware that certain weight-loss diets and dietary fads can actually cause us to feel hungry and thus eat more food, fuelling the problem!

Āyurveda, however considers weight gain according to various integral factors:

Food combinations

-Mental health/impressions and impacts it has on eating

-Effects of age, seasonal changes and climate

-Nutrition and Lifestyle according to a person’s unique biology

-Ones metabolism as per their biology

-Toxins we take into our bodies that we are unaware of

Specific (100% natural) supplements for weight loss, specific diet, lifestyle and nutrition, examination of metabolism and rectifying this, as well as specific and also simple yoga techniques can help – without needing to be flexible or a contortionist!


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