How Can Ayurveda Help Me?

Some Conditions that Ayurveda can help with include:

-Alzheimer’s / Memory Loss

-Anxiety and Psychological disorders

-Arthritis / Rheumatic Complaints / Sciatica


-BPH / Enlarged prostate

-Cancer, Tumours

-Cerebral Palsy

-Children’s Health / Complaints

-Cold and Flu

-Constipation / Digestive Disorders



-Enlarged Prostate


-Eye Disorders (Cataracts, Conjunctivitis)



-Geriatric Health


-Gynaecological Disorders (Menopause,  Menorrhagia, Leuccorrhea, Pregnancy)

-Kidney Stones


-Hair Loss / Premature Greying of Hair

-Headaches / Migraine

-Heart Disease


-Hepatitis / Jaundice


-Joint Pains / Stiffness

-Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


-Parkinson’s Disease


-Skin Disorders


-Urinary Disorders

…and many more!


Have more questions? Call us on +64 3 359 6015 or fill out the form below:


*Most conditions can be effectively helped or managed by implementing an Ayurvedic regime of Diet and Lifestyle as well as specific formulas, however in more extreme cases, referral to our Ayurvedic Clinics in India for full detoxification and treatment is required.

Where necessary, we will advise of such options available, and also assist with full arrangements etc., as also what to expect.

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