Consultation Process

First Week
Introduction to Ayurvedic Lifestyle / Examination and Assessment.

Investment:  NZ $120.00
 1 – 1.5 hours 

Full examination, including Pulse, Eye, Tongue, Digestive diagnosis and questioning / health background.

You will receive our very own “Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guide” by Durgadas (E-Book or Physical, depending on availability),detailing about Ayurveda, dietary plans, Ayurvedic recipes, Ayurvedic Yoga techniques and more. This booklet has important information from Durgadas books on Ayurveda.

Information about the First Consultation:

Here, we will examine your individual constitution (Prakriti, lit. “Nature”) and also disease constitution / imbalance (Vikriti) as also your Mental Constitution (Manasa Prakriti), and some general recommendations will be given, relative to these in great depth, assessing all fine-points beyond the doshas or biological humors.

Durgadas will also assess much through the rhythm of your Pulse through which many factors can be perceived, especially at a deeper subconscious level also. This art is more a perceptive rather than a mechanical science traditionally, although it does involve mechanical levels of analysis and is developed after years of special Yoga practise and devotion.

In order to make the pulse diagnosis readings more accurate during the Consultation, we ask that you come on an empty stomach (in between meals is okay, just not after having eaten) and do NOT do any exercise beforehand which can alter the reading.

In addition, specific karmic factors behind your current state and disposition will also be assessed.

In our special Client E-Booklet, you will learn:

– Your Biological Type

– Any underlying diseases or illnesses to be aware of

– How to manage your disease or illness

– Daily regimes for wellness

– Effects of the Seasons and working with them

-How your age and sex can affect your state of wellness

-Foods for your type

– Spices and cooking methods for your type

-Simple Yoga techniques

….and much more!

You will leave after this session understanding more about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of your bodily workings and mental functions and why certain foods may react or you have certain imbalances, as per Ayurveda’s traditional thought. It will put things into perspective for you and help you understand why and how these came about and how to effectively deal with them according to Ayurveda.

Examination will then explore what is required to help you as per classical Ayurvedic recommendations, and in your Second Consultation, these deeper more specific measures will be given, which will include Herbal, Dietary and Lifestyle adjustments and regimes, which will be given to you in your booklet.

We have a range of Ayurvedic products from herbal powders, tablets, formulations, oils and other patent and classical Ayurvedic preparations, which you can purchase directly from us, when needed.

NZ $120.00
(Can also be purchased as a Voucher)

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Second Week:
“Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle”

NZ $75.00 incl. GST
Time: Up to 45mins

Deeper Discussion on your
Personalised Regime


Deeper guidelines relative to Management of your Constitution and Imbalances as per classical Ayurveda will be noted and advice will be given as also herbs required, and therapies recommended (if needed).

We check how your ‘Ayurvedic thinking’ is going and help you understand more about this ancient science and how it can be integrated into your life.

Third Week:
“Deeper Ayurveda”

NZ $70.00 incl. GST
Time: Up to 30mins

Mental Constitution and Remedies


Here we will examine the deeper state of your Mental Constitution and Mind as per classical Ayurvedic approaches and viewpoints, using Astrological techniques and also Yogic advice will be given in this Consultation also, as per your unique Constitution and disease condition. Yoga techniques will include useful pranayamas (breathing techniques) and mantras (sacred sounds) for the mind and body, as well as simple asanas (yogic postures).

Durgadas has been taught special Vedic and Tantric mantras and their traditional applications, relative to the mind. In Ayurveda, there are several Mental Types which you will be assessed upon and specific guidelines given relative to these and karmic implications including specific practices to help the mind on a deeper unconscious level.

In addition, other higher therapies for the mind, such as colours, gemstones and aromas that are suitable for your Mind will also be given as classically used in traditional Ayurvedic systems.

Follow-Up Consultations
“Keeping on Track with Ayurveda”

First Fortnightly, then Monthly.

Investment: NZ $70.00 incl. GST
Up to 30 mins.

In additional consultations, addressing further needs and requirements, relative to your Mind-Body complex and imbalances deviating from your constitution will be examined according to Ayurveda’s classical knowledge, and progress noted, including further Yogic techniques where required. Your tongue, pulse etc. will also be examined for any irregularities during follow-up Consultations, and any questions answered, as well as further Dietary and Lifestyle modifications and recommendations as per Ayurveda’s traditional wisdom, spanning thousands of years.

Here we will also start to bring in deeper Yogic and Spiritual practices relative to your type, as also specific remedial measures, where required.


All Consultations with Durgadas must be paid for in advance by Paypal, Internet Banking or by Cash in Person. We do not accept cheques nor do we send invoices!


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